Level Up Casino Login

Logging in at LevelUp Casino is a snap. Here's how to get into the action:
Hit the Website: Head over to LevelUp Casino's website. That 'Log in' button will be easy to spot.
Chuck in Your Details: Enter your email and password – just the ones you used when you signed up. You'll be in before you can say "fair go".
Forgot Your Password? Easy Fix: Click the 'reset' button right under the login spot. They'll sort you out right quick.

And just like that, you're in! A whole stack of games ready for you to pick and choose. Start playing, start winning – that's the whole point!


Gettin' started is a breeze. Here's the lowdown:

  • Hit that 'Register' Button: You can't miss it on the LevelUp website. Give it a click, and let's get this show on the road.
  • Your Info, Please: Chuck in your email, choose a good password (something your dog won't guess), and pick your favourite currency.
  • Tick Those Boxes: Make sure you're old enough to play, give 'em the okay to send some sweet offers your way, and pop in your name, birthday, and phone number.

Almost there! Just enter your address, and the account will be created. Now, get ready for the fun part – deciding how much to kick things off with. Could be your lucky day!

level up registration

KYC at Level Up

Understanding LevelUp's KYC: What Players Need to Know

To maintain a safe and fair environment, LevelUp Casino has a KYC process (short for Know Your Customer). Here's what players might be asked to provide:

  1. Prove It's You: A government-issued ID like a passport or driver's license is required to confirm a player's identity.
  2. Verifying Address: A recent utility bill or bank statement usually serves as proof of a player's address.
  3. Confirming Payment Methods: Players may be asked to verify ownership of the payment methods used for deposits and withdrawals to enhance security.
  4. Say Cheese... with Your ID: In some instances, LevelUp might request a selfie of the player holding their ID for extra verification.
  5. Occasional Video or Phone Verification: A quick video call or phone chat might be required in certain cases for additional security.
  6. Crypto Cashouts, No KYC Required: For players using cryptocurrency, LevelUp offers hassle-free withdrawals without the need for KYC verification.

Important Note: The KYC process is designed to keep LevelUp Casino a safe and secure space for all players. Cooperation with these procedures is greatly appreciated.

Terms of Use

Protecting Player Identity and Winnings: Why LevelUp Casino Has Strict Account Rules
LevelUp Casino prioritises player safety and security. For this reason, the following rules are strictly enforced. The only exception is that players with crypto can withdraw without KYC.

  • One Player, One Account: Players are prohibited from creating multiple accounts. The discovery of multiple accounts may lead to the closure of all associated accounts and the cancellation of winnings. This policy protects individuals from identity theft and unauthorized use of their funds.
  • Account Access is for the Player Only: Players must never share their login information with anyone, including friends, family, or minors. This ensures that only the rightful account holder can access and control funds, promoting responsible gaming.
  • Verification Procedures May Be Required: LevelUp Casino may request additional information or a phone call to verify a player's identity. These measures safeguard players and help prevent fraud.
  • Unverified Accounts May Be Restricted: If a player's account cannot be verified within two weeks of a withdrawal request, it may be locked. The casino will make reasonable attempts to contact the player before taking this action.

Bottom Line: These rules are in place to maintain a secure gaming environment for all players. Adhering to these guidelines protects individuals and helps ensure fair and responsible gameplay at LevelUp Casino.